Istanbul Kebab is proud to serve you one of the healthiest and most well-balanced Turkish and Mediterranean Halal food in Johannesburg. Istanbul Kebab‘s dishes are prepared freshly upon order, using authentic recipes, traditional cooking methods with the finest ingredients. Since the day we opened our doors for business, we have worked hard to earn a reputation of providing the highest quality of service available.

Turkey geo-physically located as a bridge between Europe and Asia, has been a melting pot of many civilizations since the beginning of history. Therefore, Turkish foods is a true fusion of many different cultures and collage of different cuisines.

Today’s Turkish cuisine is a fusion of Turkish, Greek, Persian and Arabic cooking that can be defined as a true and unique Mediterranean food experience. Turkish food, as most Mediterranean food relies heavily on appetizers called “mezes” and especially the freshest ingredients.  Although it has many meat specialties, it offers a perfect combination of vegetarian dishes.

Istanbul Kebab provides professional and warm welcoming service. Food and atmosphere are for out shadowed by superior customer service that turns our new customers into repeat customers. Great service is a top priority and one of the most important aspects of our restaurant; our food will be served fresh and hot, every time.

Our mission is to become Johannesburg’s number one destination to enjoy authentic Turkish cuisine and hospitality through capturing the traditional ambiance, replicating true flavours, and providing excellent service.